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We are an ROI Centric SEO Company

Fewer Clients. Better Results. It’s Why We Succeed.

The SEO team at Qumana has been doing search engine optimization for businesses of all sizes, for over 15 years. Our philosophy, when helping clients, is that SEO should be a revenue generation tool. The focus shouldn’t be on traffic – it should be on how much revenue can be generated. This crucial philosophical difference is why our clients continue to work with us, month to month – with no contracts.

Qumana provides search engine optimization and search engine marketing services to businesses all over the world. Our SEO company services many small, medium, and enterprise sized companies. The one thing these companies share – is the understanding that the service they get from us, is leaps and bounds better than anywhere else. Many have worked with a number of previous SEO companies, and are fed up of the sales pitch.  They appreciate the fact Qumana is rooted in hard-facts and numbers, as opposed to fluff and nonsense.

Client’s we service, trust us completely. It’s because we look at ourselves as their partner, as opposed to a vendor. We absorb every aspect of your company, how it functions, and how we can integrate ourselves as another essential cog of your machine. We find our place within your pre-existing structure, and create a meaningful impact on your business.

SEO From Day 1

Qumana began as an SEO firm, which focused strictly on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Since then, our SEO company has expanded and now cover many different service areas.

As we started providing different services, we realized how intertwined all of the services were. The success of each of the services, relied on the degree of synergy between the individual service, and the array of others being provided.

Since then, our client base has evolved and now we have the unique pleasure of working with businesses who not only entrust us with their SEO needs – but more importantly, they entrust us with helping them generate more revenue – regardless of how, or what, is done.

By performing high quality SEO services, our agency has helped dying and struggling businesses into powerhouses. Every company to work with us, has generated business results from our efforts. Many have worked with numerous SEO companies, with no results. We’ve generated hundred’s of millions in revenue for our clients through search engine optimization.

We continue to expand our expertise, and become the very best at what we do.

Our Philosophy

We hate being labeled as an SEO company. SEO companies are a dime a dozen. Our philosophy, is different from any other SEO vendor in the world.

We only take on businesses we believe will succeed. On average, our SEO firm turn’s down more prospective clients each year than anyone else in our industry. This is something we do, because we want to be 100% certain that anyone we work with, will succeed. We value our reputation as a trusted partner, and choose to only service those we believe will succeed. If we’re not 100% sure we can deliver results, we won’t take your money, or waste your time.

Representative Clients The World’s

We’re not vendors, we’re PartnersTM

Qumana is an invested partner and we’re an integral part of our client’s digital strategy teams
This is our core operating principle and the main reason behind these success stories:
Free Consulation

Our Core ServicesWe deliver: Measurable Business Results

Analytics & Measurement

Everything we revolves around ROI, and ensuring your KPI’s are going in the right direction. We are the measurable results agency, focused on conversions. We have the leading proprietary tools, to help you understand what’s working, why it’s working, and how to make it better.

SEO Strategy & Consulting

Many prospective consumers are looking for our expertise, on a per-diem basis. Regardless of which SEO vendor you’re working with – we can provide you with an SEO Strategy that you can implement on your own. We believe that a good strategy is more important than anything else, and regularly consult for major brands.

Local Places

If you’re a brand that’s dependent on traffic in proximity to your physical location, then we can help. We’ve helped brands with 1 location, or as much as 500 locations, generate more online success through search engine optimization. We create scalable strategies that can lift the rankings of ALL of your locations in local Google places.

SEO Penalty

If you’re penalized due to the work of another SEO vendor, we can help. We have a 100% success rate when it comes to helping brands get out of penalties. If you are penalized, or think you may be penalized, our SEO company can help. We have a team of trained experts who know what to look for, when diagnosing penalties – and can provide solutions that take into account your business goals, and trends.

Website Architecture

Qumana creates SEO friendly websites. If we find during the course of our assessment your website is holding you back – we can provide SEO friendly web recommendations, and if needed – create a new website for you. We can work alongside your in-house team, or pre-existing development team and share our expertise on web development suggestions and recommendations.

Conversion Optimization

Our one, and only goal, is to help you generate more revenue. Even after we’ve gotten you to page 1, we continue analyzing and utilizing our proprietary tools to see if traffic is converting. If it’s not, we give you recommendations to enable you to convert the traffic we’re generating for you. We leverage heat maps, click maps, and more, to help you understand what users are doing on your website.

Backlink Creation

We reach out to websites, in order to create links back to your website. Any successful SEO campaign will involve link building, and getting recognition in the form of links in articles, etc. We create backlinks on websites where a prospective client of yours would visit. The work we do extends far past simply creating links – we create value for your brand.

Content Marketing

We market your content, as a way of not only generating attention from search engines, but more importantly to generate traffic from referral sources and to generate high quality backlinks. We’ve helped brands get placements in places like: Forbes.com, Examiner.com, WSJ.com, and other high quality websites.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to generate better SEO results. We run targeted advertisements in order to promote your brand, and your content, and to get it the visibility and syndication it needs.